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Personal Pages
  Agnes Milowka
  Agnes is an Aussie cave diver who has made some wonderful discoveries world wide. Her website is superb and includes lots of great info and images.
  Andrew Bowie's Homepage
  Some great shots of SA's temperate diving here, from one of my crazy dive buddys!
  Dave Sutton's Homepage
  Homebuild CCRs and other crazy stuff from a guy who knows a LOT about RBs.
  Deep Diving
  Mainly concerns the Pearse resurgence in NZ. A group of very worrying young men have put together this excellent site.
  Ken Smith's website
  Ken Smith is a well known South Aussie cave diver, best known for his amazing work with radiolocation devices and cave mapping.
  Leigh Bishop Photography
  I could have put this link under wrecks, tech diving or photography...Leigh does it all! Check out his new wreck forum.
  Martyn Farr
  One of the Grandfathers of European cave diving, and a hell of a nice bloke to boot! If you haven't read his cave diving books, you are missing out!
  Oxy Doc
  The website of my good mates Oli, Gitti and Andre; 3 very experienced German cave divers. Lots of cool videos and interesting info.
  Snoopy Loop
  Dr Jerome Meynie does some wickedly deep and scary cave dives here in Europe. Read on if you dare!
  Steve James' Homepage
  Steve James is a very experienced CCR diver and a KISS instructor. Nice website Steve!
  Duncan Price's UK exploits. Some good stuff about British sidemounting.
  Tubby's Rebreather Page
  Kerry "Tubby" Mckenzie is an extraordinary modifier of diving equipment, especially his KISS style Dolphin CCR which is now famous in Australia.
Caving Links
  Home of the Australian Speleological Federation. As well as information about caving and caving clubs in Australia, the site contains essential information about caving ethics and minimal impact caving etc.
  Cave Diving Down Under - the home of cave diving in Australia
  Tony Richardson, an Aussie cave diver, has developed this well constructed site to cater for all things cave diving in Australia.
  Cave Diving Downunder
  Cave diving in's all here!
  An excellent site full of all sorts of useful infor about SRT, surveying and caving in general. One of my favourites.
  This site is dedicated to information on underwater cave surveying
  Home of the Cave Divers Association of Australia, which has played an important role in cave diving safety and training in Australia since 1973.
  The Cave Diving Group in the UK has lead cave exploration worldwide for many many years. These guys love some cold water and zero viz!
  European Karst Plains Project. These guys do some awsome diving in Froggy Caves. Tres cool!
  Speleology Servers
  A comprehensive list of important speleo sites on the net.
  SUSS Sydney Uni Speleo Society
  Home page of Sydney's best known caving society.
  Union Internationale de Spéléologie (UIS)
  The global organisation for speleology.
  Sherry Mayo has written a great page on Alpine Single Rope Technique.
  The DIR cave diving gurus from Florida.
Rebreathers and Tech Diving
  APD - Inspiration CCRS
  Home of Ambient Pressure Diving, makers of the Inspiration and Evolution CCRs. Available in yellow apparently.
  Want sensors, lights, analysers? Look no further...Daryl Waters at DiveTek has it all!
  Inner Space Systems
  Home of the Megalodon CCR
  Jetsam technologies
  Home of Gordon and Kym Smith's KISS rebreathers, boosters and other cool stuff.
  Juergensen Marine
  Makers of hammerhead electronics for CCRs. Mk 15 sales and repairs.
  Mk series CCR info
  Not sure who the author is but lots of good info.
  Sensors and analysers.
  Rebreather World
  One of the most comprehensive sites in the world to learn about different rebreathers.
  Richard Pyle's CCR Article
  Essential reading on staying alive on CCR.
  The Rebreather Site
  Full of good info for the lovers of al RBs.
  Trimix Divers
  This site is becoming a fantastic repository for information regarding caves and wrecks in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific. Essential reading!
  What is a Rebreather?
  A good overview of basic rebreather questions.
Wreck Diving
  Scuttlebutt Charters
  Jeff and Bev Giddins run this fantastic charter service for tech divers to the Ship's Graveyard in Bass Strait.
  Southern Ocean Exploration
  Greg hodge and his mates are constantly finding new stuff in the chilly and deep waters of Bass Strait. Talk about a bunch of brass monkeys!
  The Sydney Project
  This bunch of silly Sydneysiders keep making amazing finds in ridiculously deep water. Watch this space...these guys are making history!
  Victorian shipwreck concentrating on the ship's graveyard.
  Brad Sheard Photography
  Great wreck shots, nice use of B&W
  CMOS Cleaning
  Great info on how to get those annoying hairs and spots off your chip.
  thinking about a new camera, lens or widget? Look no further than this great site for the good oil on what to buy.
  Gavin Newman Photography
  Oh to take photos like this guy. Check out his cave work.
  Home page of the South Australian Underwater Photographic Society
  Sea Optics
  If you can't spend some money here with Dave and Carey, you really are a tight arse! Hard to imagine theree's a better UW photo shop in Australia. They won't even tell your wife how much it cost!
  Steve's Digicams
  Another great camera and photography review site.
  The Luminous Landscape
  Lots of great tutorials on photography of all kinds.
  Competitions, tips and reviews. Great site.
  Great digital underwater photography and camera resource.
Diving Medicine
  In Water Recompression Review Article
  IWR by Richard Pyle et al. Good overview of the subject.
  Petter Fenner's Stinger Info
  Excellent site for info on marine stingers like Box Jellyfish and Irukandji.
  Royal Adelaide Hyperbaric Unit
  Home page of the Hyperbaric Medicine Unit, RAH
  Scuba Doc
  Ernest Campbell's excellent diving medicine site.
  SPUMS website
  Find your nearest diving doctor here in Australia or NZ.
  UK Sport Diving Medical Committee
  Useful dive medicine information site.
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