Published Articles This is a list of some of the articles I have had published over the years.

  Caving and Cave Diving in Vanuatu - CEGSA News Vol 50 Number 2. Issue 198 - May 2005
  A description of 2 years caving activities in Vanuatu, including a new cave number system.
  Kissing the Coolidge - Beyond the Blue Magazine Vol 1 Issue 3 - Summer 2004
  Photo article about diving the KISS CCR on the SS Coolidge in Vanuatu. This article has also appeared in Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 18 2004, and Sport Diving Magazine Issue 110 2005.
  Dark Images - Photography in the Aquifer. - Beyond the Blue Magazine Vol 1 Issue 2 - Spring 2004
  Photo article on the water-filled caves of Mt Gambier in South Australia. This article also appeared in Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 17 2004. Some of the images by Neville Skinner.
  Technical Diving - How Safe is it? - Alert Diver - SEAP Edition Oct - Dec 2004 - 2004
  A look at the risks of modern technical diving. This article also appeared in the CDAA's journal, "Guidelines".
  A Date with Digital SLR - Sport Diving Australia - Dec/Jan 2005
  A discussion of modern UW photography with housed digital SLRs.
  Jewels of the Pacific - Sport Diving Magazine #98 - June/July 2003
  Photo article on New Caledonia and the Isle de Pins.
  Featured Photographers - Advanced Diver Magazine Website -
  A selection of my images featured on the website.
  Good Luck Comes in Threes - Wreck Diving Magazine Issue 9 - 2006
  Description and images of 3 Vanuatu wreck dives; the stern of the SS Coolidge, The Tui Tawate and the Kathleen. Also appeared in Sport Diving Magazine, Issue 112, 2005 and Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 21.
  Caving - The Hidden Danger - Guidelines: CDAA Newsletter, No. 93 - September 2005
  A discussion of dangerous infections which may be aquired from dry caving.
  New Wreck in Santo - Vanuatu Daily Post - August 2005
  Newspaper article on the Tui Tawate in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. Text Jennifer Spry, Photos Richard Harris.
  Caves of the South East - ABC Website - Australian Broadcasting Commission - July 2005
  Article about the caves of South Australia by Jack Kerr. Image by Richard Harris.
  The Tui Tawate Welcomes Divers - Dive Log Australasia - August 2005
  Text Jennifer Spry, Images Richard Harris.
  Vanuatu Update - CEGSA News Vol 50 Number 3. Issue 199 - August 2005
  Update on cave exploration in Vanuatu.
  Born To Be Wild Part 1 - Sport Diving Magazine - Issue 111, August/September - 2005
  First part of our adventures in the Sarakata River resurgence, Vanuatu. The entire article (Pt 1 & 2) also printed in Beyond the Blue Magazine Autumn 2005 (Issue 2 vol. 2).
  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks - Men's Journal - November 2005
  US adventure magazine. Text by Jad Davenport, images of SS Coolidge by Richard Harris.
  Deeper into Diving 2nd Edition - Submariner Publications - 2005
  Around a dozen of my images appear in this book.
  Born to be Wild Part 2 - Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 22/2006 - April 2006
  Second half of the story of the Sarakata exploration. Also published in Sport Diving Magazine.
  Ghost Ships - Australasia Scuba Diver - Issue 4 2006
  Sub-article on SS Coolidge. Text Jayne Jenkins, Image Richard Harris
  Kija Blue - Advanced Diver Magazine - Issue 24 2006
  Story of our cave exploration in the Australian Kimberley. A version also appeared in June/July Sport Diving Magazine.
  Breathtaking Kija Blue - Australian Geographic #85 - December 2006
  Photo article on the Kija Blue expedition.
  Caving Records and recollections - Wild Magazine # 103 Jan - March 2007 - December 2006
  Part of a composite article on Australian caving.
  The Shaft - Sport Diving Issue 119 - Dec/Jan 2006/2007
  Historical and pictorial description of the Shaft sinkhole, Mt Gambier, South Australia.
  Cave Photography - Guidelines. CDAA Newsletter - Jan 2007
  A brief guide to underwater cave photography.
  Verdens Beste Vrakdykk - VI Menn (Norwegian Men's Magazine) #4 2006 - 2006
  An article on the SS Coolidge by Morten Lie Wold, using my photos . Weekly circulation apparently 94000 copies!
  Saved by the Bell - DiveLog Issue 226 - May 2007
  Newspiece about the 2007 expedition to dive the RMS Niagara.
  The Wreck of the William Dawes - Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 25 - April 2007
  Describes a dive on the wreck of the Dawes at 131m near Bermagui, NSW.
  Dawes Descent - Sport Diving Magazine - April May 2007
  Article on diving the William Dawes.
  Outward Bound - Asian Diver - Issue 91 2007
  Text by Rebecca Byfield, Coolidge images by Richard Harris. Article about various dives around the world including Vanuatu.
  Deeper into the Pearse Resurgence - Dive NZ/Dive Pacific 100th Edition - June/July 2007
  Article describing our 2007 expedition to the Pearse resurgence in NZ. Short story also in 100th Edition of "Guidelines". Also appears in Issue 26 of ADM, and Sport Diving Magazine Issue 123. Also in Plongeesout #5 Online cave diving Mag.
  "Gold-70 Fathoms Deep" and "It's such a Perfect Day" - Dive NZ/Dive Pacific 100th edition - June/July 2007
  Text Leigh Bishop, images by LB and myself. Describes the 2007 RMS Niagara expedition. Also appeared as "It's such a Perfect Day" in the UK DIVER Magazine.
  Better Than Gold - Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 26 - August 2007
  Article on the 2007 NZTech expedition to the RMS Niagara during which the ship's bell was raised.
  New Zealand Shipwrecks - Hodder Moa - 2007
  Photos from our 2007 Niagara expedition in this book.
  Tank Cave - Sport Diving Magazine Issue 127 - April 2008.
  History and description of Tank Cave, South Australia.
  Richard Harris Photography - Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 28 - April 2008.
  Featured photographer in this issue.
  The Blue Duck and a Two Bob Watch - Dive NZ/Dive Pacific Issue 106 - 2008
  Return to the Pearse Resurgence, 2008. Also Published in ADM Issue 29 2008.
  The Big Blue - Australian Geographic - July-September 2008
  Short article on the scientific dives done in Mt Gambier's Blue Lake in 2008.
  Cocklebiddy Cave: Now and Then. - Advanced Diver Magazine Issue 30 - January 2009
  Story of the successful push to the end of Australia's longest underwater cave...Cocklebiddy.
  SA Dive Secrets - SA Life - December 2008
  Article by Kate Jenkins, Images Richard Harris. South Australian Diving.
  The Fabulous Blue Lake - Sport Diving Magazine Issue 132 - February 2009
  Description of the research project in Mt Gambier's crater lake...The Blue Lake.
  Cave Diving 101 - The Crew Report - Issue 29, March 2009
  Introduction to cave diving for a US Yachting magazine.
  Hail to the Chief - Scuba Diving - USA - May 2009
  Article on my favourite dives on the SS Coolidge, Vanuatu.
  Junee Cave Diving - Caves Australia #177 2008 - (Printed 2009)
  Trip report of diving and caving in JF8, Tasmania.
  Kija Blue - Submarine. Buvarmagazin, Hungary - September 2009
  Cover shot, and article images. Text by Gabriella Schutz.
  Cave Diving Segment - Totally Wild Australia, Channel 10 - 2009
  My images and footage used in this free to air kids show.
  Tunnel Vision - Australian Geographic, Outdoor. - Nov/Dec 2009
  Words Natsumi Penberthy, Images Richard Harris. Description of Australian Cave Diving.
  The Junee Resurgence. Cold Water in a Hot Land. - Sport Diving MAgazine Issue 136 - November 2009
  Cave diving in Tasmania's Junee Cave. Stunning imagery by Dean Chamerlain and Liz Rogers.
  Cave SAR Management Forum Report - Caves Australia # 179 2009 - December 2009
  Article following my attendance at the Cave SAR Management forum in NZ this year. Also published in CEGSA News November 2009.
  Junee-Florentine Karst, Tasmania. Part 2 - Caves Australia # 180 2009 - March 2010
  Co-authored with Dean Chamberlain, Liz Rogers and Grant Pearce.
  Warbla Wonderland - Sport Diving Magazine Issue 150 - Feb 2012
  Diving Warbla cave on the Nullarbor
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