This part of my site is dedicated to showing off some of my favourite images. I am currently using a Nikon D200 in a Nexus housing, with dual SB-105 and Inon strobes and a variety of ports and lenses. This is much superior than the Nikonos II, Nikonos V and housed film cameras I have used in the past. In fact, for the first time I feel like getting a couple of good images from each dive is a reasonable expectation! Gone are the days of dumping entire rolls of film in the bin!

I especially love the DSLR for cave photography, where low light situations can prove especially challenging. The instant feedback of digital cameras ensure that you get the shot before you leave the cave.

Maybe it's too easy now? Nah!!

"Top Ten" contains my favourite 10 images at any one time. Feel free to check them out.

Coming To Grips With Digital SLRs
In this article, amateur underwater photographer Richard Harris gives his views on the latest trend in subaquatic imaging, the housed digital SLR. He takes his Subal D10 housing and Nikon D100 SLR beneath the waves of Espiritu Santo and finds the learning curve is neither steep nor high!

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